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  Contact Centre
This project is funded by the European Commission CARDS programme and implemented by a Consortium led by Hulla and Co, Human Dynamics K.G
With the establishment of modernised, centralised Contact Centre of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia, you can now receive general information in relation to all tax regulations (by phone, email and website).

For calls from the fixed telephones, from any location in the Republic of Serbia, the Contact Centre telephone number is:

0700-700 007

and the cost of the call is equivalent to a local phone call.

For calls from mobile telephones or abroad the number is

011-33 10 111

and users of this number shall pay the full cost of the call in accordance with their individual contracts with the telephone operator.

WORKING TIME: working days from 9.00 to 15.00

At the present time the Contact Centre only answers questions in the Serbian language over the telephone and via email. The Questions & Answers are also published in Serbian language only.


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